Our first appointment together will consist

of a thorough health and medical intake

as well as a first needle treatment. This serves

as a way to truly get to know you as patient.

It also assists me in determining what treatment

plan will be most effective for your very unique

and specific needs. For each person needs

and deserves treatment specific to them.

For example, if you are coming in with sciatica

pain, I will ask questions that help me to have

a complete and thorough

understanding of when your pain began,

when it tends to get worse, when you don't

notice it as much, etc. I will then choose points

to not only ease your pain but to most

profoundly encourage your own unique

wellness.If you are dealing with intense fatigue, I will

spend time with you to determine what may

be causing this intense lethargy, what

deficiencies may be present and how best we can

create the vitality and energy you crave.

Stacy DeMarco,

M.Ac., L.Ac.,


To schedule an appointment, call 443-468-6163 or e-mail

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